Self-Esteem, Self-Respect and Self-Opinion … oh how I cherish thee!

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Self-confidence or lack thereof? – That is the question. We all have questions, like how do we define how and what we think of ourselves? How do we ever express how we feel about ourselves with words to someone else? It’s very difficult, and then, it’s very simple.

Self-expression, we could say, is the root of how we define ourselves, either how we smile, dress, or adorn ourselves with jewelry, makeup, tattoos and body piercing. Self-expression is the car we drive, the music we play, the hobbies we engage and the people we keep in our lives. But does self-opinion have to do with all of that – if anything at all? Does it matter how we express ourselves on the OUTSIDE if we don’t feel good or feel good about ourselves on the INSIDE?

Self-esteem defined: How “high” do you feel right now? A natural “high” means you feel great about yourself and you plan on doing great things with that natural feeling.

Self-respect defined: Do you think you are a great person? Rate yourself on a one-to-ten scale, with ten being the best. Now do that every morning and chart it. Over-time, you should have recurring tens. This will mean you have great self-respect, and you won’t even have to talk about it, you’ll just be living it!

Self-confidence defined: When you try something positive and new, do you think about failing or succeeding? To me, failing means I “practiced” and I’m getting better, because at least I tried and am learning, especially from a good teacher or mentor. Will you keep practicing what you WANT to do or do well? When you succeed at it, and you will, the expression on your face will show that you are confident you can do it again and again. That is self-confidence.

My self-esteem, self-respect and self-opinion are united as one. They don’t rely on what others think of me or say about me. They do not rely on outcomes coming from the outside. They rely on my ability to decipher my own actions based on my feelings, and all of those feelings stem from my ethics and values. When I know I’m doing the RIGHT things and for the RIGHT reasons, I don’t ever second guess them or doubt myself. This is living in the now and being positive about WHO I am and WHY was put on this planet!

This has been a self-esteem blog by the Natural News Tracker, Sean David Cohen. Thanks for reading.


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2 Responses to Self-Esteem, Self-Respect and Self-Opinion … oh how I cherish thee!

  1. larry wallace says:

    I’m working on theSelf opinion aspects now cause my opinion counts now more than before cause I know what I want to Live clean instead of getting and staying clean!! I don’t have to be in any bodies group!!


  2. I’m glad that you know what you want, you just need to stick to it. Sounds like you’re doing a great job. You’re a special guy. Thanks for the comments! Dr. Tony and Natural News Tracker Sean


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