What do you think of you?

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A Blog on Self-Esteem by Sean David Cohen


What do YOU think of YOU?

Are you kicking yourself for doing something wrong? If so, what do you think is next for you, some half-effort that produces half-results? Is that what you want?


What do you think of you right now? If you go into this with positive thinking, guess what will come “out” of it?


I really want to know … what you think of you, that is. I am a people person who is interested in other people making their dreams come true. I love to empower people. It is actually my job as a writer. A health writer. I investigate your self esteem so you can get 100% effort from yourself. I will exhaust your thinking, until you are done thinking about THAT, and you can concentrate on the best you that YOU know.


Stop kicking yourself. Everyone does it sometimes. It’s a waste of time. You are here, in the now, and you know what you know. Move on. If you must “reconcile” some past, fine then, do it, with all your heart, then get into this. This is movement. This is self-respect.


Love you. There are no exceptions or substitutions. No one can love you like you. You are you every second of every day. You spend the most time with you. Self esteem is your very best friend. Feed your best friend organic food and spring water. Let’s begin this ultimate bond by feeling great that you are here now to make THAT difference you WANT to make.


No more second guessing. No more sulking. No more “shame.” Just do the NOW with all you’ve got, everything positive, and guess what will come of it?


Yep, you got it.


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